About us

WEAG Solutions AS is a joint venture by four well-known Norwegian research institutes – NILU, NIVA, NGI and IFE.

It is a research alliance focusing on cross-cutting idea and project development within the science of water, energy, air and geotechnics, leading to innovation and environmental solutions for the benefit of various businesses and the society.

The company is managed by it’s CEO, Sjur Tveite, and a Board of Directors representing the owner institutes. In addition, key staff and management capacity at NILU, NIVA, NGI and IFE within innovation, project funding and technology development are involved on a regular basis.

WEAG Solutions will:

  • be an arena for networking and knowledge transfer
  • facilitate the development of cross cutting ideas and proposals
  • support it’s owners for partnering and project development
  • contribute within project financing and deliveries
  • support the owner institutes on their deliverables for societal and economic impact

Together the owner institutes of WEAG Solutions possess significant resources, with over 800 researchers and extensive laboratory and technical facilities. The combined institutional and technical knowledge spans diverse technical disciplines and encompasses decades of research and project activities.

NGI – Norwegian Geotechnical Institute

NIVA – Norwegian Institute for Water Research

NILU – Norwegian Institute for Air Research

IFE – Institute for Energy Research