Benthic lander

The benthic lander is a multi-purpose device for deploying passive samplers for sediment monitoring.  The lander consists of a modular tripod frame capable of deploying up to three benthic flux chambers or a sediment flux profiler.



The benthic lander is deployed by line using a light crane or winch from the vessel.  The spread footings on the tripod legs support the tripod on the soft seabed, while the center post guides the self-weight penetration of the flux chambers/profiler into the sediments.

The position on the seabed may be marked using a float or small bouy and a secondary anchor to avoid disturbing the lander.

• Field proven
• Simple deployment
• Flexible
• Modular for packing/transport
• Sediment monitoring

Designed at NGI by
Espen Eek • Arne Pettersen • Andreas Haugland

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