Benthic flux chamber

The benthic flux chamber provides a platform for measuring the sediment-water flux of PAHs and PCBs under field conditions.

flux chamber

Semi permeable membranes, for example SPMD, are used as sorbing materials within the flux chamber. The chambers are typically deployed for a 4-6 week period, then recovered for laboratory analysis of the membrane.

Dimensions and deployment

The flux chamber is 250 mm in diameter with an internal clearance of 70mm. The membrane is supported internally at a height of 50 mm over the sediment. Correct penetration into the seabed is ensured by a stop plate (520 mm in diameter). A self-sealing upper vent valve simplifies deployment through the water column.

anchor The benthic flux chamber is deployed by line and self-penetrates into the sediments. The line is left attached for later recovery.

The position on the seabed may be marked using a float or small bouy and a secondary anchor to avoid disturbing the flux chamber.

• Field proven
• Simple deployment
• Use any equilibrium membrane
• Sediment monitoring

Designed at NGI by
Espen Eek • Arne Pettersen • Andreas Haugland

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